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Out in the nothing where fear knows your name, you just hide from the sun

Black Tapestry is an homage to the texture of darkness. Surrounded by the cacti and juniper of northern Arizona, the duo craft songs that invite the listener into the desolate cradle of the desert.


With musical backgrounds reaching as wide as the southwest horizon, their art expresses elements from all genres from classical to punk rock. They integrate dynamic live instrumentation of guitar, bass and vocals with the coarse, cold pulsing of electronic drums and synthesizers. The result is an amalgamation of post-punk and synth rock, one which calls inspiration in from Bauhaus, The Cure and The Sisters of Mercy.

Immersed fully in the blazing bleakness of the desert motif, they offer simple yet poetic portrayals of the barren West. Many tracks lyrically demonstrate a literal observation of the wonder of nature, but also underly the volatile and unsustainable ways of modern life.

Formed in the fall of 2021, the band began their sonic offering in spring of 2022 with a collection of self-recorded, self-produced songs. Six months later, they followed it up with a reworked and remixed album of the same songs, sharing an evolving sound with more synthesis and effects. They are currently working on a new album, leading with the release of their new single '17 Years.'

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