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a synth rock duo, lost in the Arizona desert...

Black Tapestry is an homage to the texture of darkness. Surrounded by the cacti and juniper of northern Arizona, the duo craft songs that invite the listener into the desolate cradle of the desert. 


Integrating dynamic live instrumentation of guitar and vocals with the coarse, cold pulsing of electronic drums and analogue synthesis, the result is a brand of fringe post-punk leaning into postwave. The band stretches genre limitations through the heavy use of effects and live sound manipulation, taking inspiration from Bauhaus, Devo and Fugazi.


Sisi and Ian began playing together almost twenty years ago with multiple projects ranging from anarcho folk-punk, noise and metal to electronic, finally forming Black Tapestry in late 2021. In June of 2022, they released their first album 'Monsoon' and followed it with the self-remixed 'Monsoon Revamped' six months later. 


Their next offerings begin in February of 2024, with the release of a new track 'Empty.' The band will be releasing a new track each month moving forward, preceding the summer release of 'Outside,' their second full-length studio album.

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